Project Deletion

It is possible to entirely delete your project. However, consider exporting the project first.

To delete your project, go to Users & Settings and select the Settings tab. Then click the Delete this project button. This marks your project for deletion, and, for some time, nothing else happens.

Screenshot - Project Delete

Once marked, the project enters a 60-day grace period during which

  • the project cannot be accessed.
  • all project operations, such as data loads and orchestrations, are stopped.
  • a request for undeleting the project can be sent to our support team.

After the grace period expires, the deletion becomes irreversible, and the project along with any associated data will be gone for good.

Again, we strongly suggest you export your project before deleting it.

GoodData Projects

If the Keboola Connection project has provisioned a GoodData project, that project will also be deleted. The grace period for a GoodData project is 5 days. When a GoodData writer is deleted, the associated provisioned GoodData project is deleted after the grace period. When a Keboola Connection project is deleted (but the GoodData writer was left in it), the associated GoodData project will be deleted in 5 to 14 days from the deletion of the Keboola Connection project.

Important: Expiring projects will be deleted automatically when the expiration day is due. You will receive a notification a week in advance. When an expired project is deleted, the same grace period rules apply as if it was deleted manually.