Data Destination Connectors

Data destination connectors are Keboola components that take transformed and processed output data from Keboola and deliver it into its final destination: the systems and applications where the data gets used/consumed.

Types of Data Destination Connectors

We integrate your data into most of the top market systems. Choose the right consumption point for each project and use case. Like with data source connectors, there are no limitations to how and where you can send your data.

Data destination connectors can be grouped by their primary purpose:

For a definitive list of usable data destination connectors, see your project Data Destinations section.

Working with Data Destination Connectors

Each data destination connector can have multiple configurations. Each configuration usually represents a single destination (database account, BI project, etc.). Even though destination connectors are generally designed for automated and repeated data collection, they can be triggered manually at any time.

We provide tutorials on writing into GoodData and writing into Tableau.

You can also watch the following videos: