Storage Data Source Connectors

Data source connectors import data from external sources and integrate it to the Keboola environment. The following data source connectors allow access to data from generic storage services:

  • AWS S3 — imports CSV files from multiple AWS S3 buckets into multiple tables with additional postprocessing.
  • Azure Datalake Gen2 — imports CSV files from Azure Datalake Gen2 into multiple tables.
  • FTP — imports CSV files from the FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers.
  • GoogleDrive — imports data from Google Drive sheets (also part of the Tutorial).
  • HTTP — imports CSV files stored on HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Keboola Connection Storage — loads single or multiple tables from a Keboola project and stores them in a bucket in your current project; can be used where Data Catalog cannot.
  • OneDrive Excel Sheets — imports data from OneDrive Excel sheets.
  • OneDrive Files — downloads files from OneDrive.
  • And more