Google BigQuery

The BigQuery data source connector loads data from BigQuery and brings it into Keboola. Running the connector creates a background job that

  • executes the queries in Google BigQuery.
  • saves the results to Google Cloud Storage.
  • exports the results from Google Cloud Storage and stores them in specified tables in Keboola Storage.
  • removes the results from Google Cloud Storage.

Note: Using the Google BigQuery connector is also described in our Getting Started Tutorial.

Initial Setup

Service Account

To access and extract data from your BigQuery dataset, you need to set up a Google service account. Go to Google Cloud Platform Console > IAM & admin > Service accounts and select the project you want the data source connector to have access to. Click Create Service Account and enter a Service account name (e.g., Keboola BigQuery connector).

Screenshot - Create service account

Then add the roles BigQuery Data Editor, BigQuery Job User and Storage Object Admin.

Screenshot - Set admin roles

Finally, click + Create Key to create a new JSON key, and then click Create to download it to your computer.

Screenshot - Create JSON key


The data source connector uses a Google Storage bucket as a temporary storage for off-loading the data from BigQuery. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console > Storage > Cloud Storage > Browser and click Create Bucket. Name the bucket and select its location (must be the same as of your dataset).

Screenshot - Google Cloud Platform

Do not set a retention policy on the bucket. The bucket contains only temporary data and no retention is needed.

Configure Extraction

Create a new configuration of the BigQuery connector. Click Set Service Account Key.

Screenshot - Set Service Account Key

Open the downloaded key in a text editor, copy & paste it in the input field, and click Submit.

Screenshot - Copy & Paste Service Account Key

Click Save to store the credentials.

Important: The private key is stored in an encrypted form and only the non-sensitive parts are visible in the UI for your verification. The key can be deleted or replaced by a new one at any time.

Screenshot - Save Service Account Key

In the section Unload Configuration, enter Cloud Storage Bucket Name as the name of the bucket you have created earlier, and select the correct Dataset Location. Click Save.

Screenshot - Configure Bucket

Configure Queries

Start by clicking the button Add Query.

Screenshot - Add Query

Name the query and click Create.

Screenshot - Name Query

To learn how to modify your configuration, go to the SQL databases section.