ServiceNow Data Source Connector

This data source connector fetches data from ServiceNow tables. It supports backfill mode and also incremental fetching.


The user must have sufficient roles to access the data in the table specified in the request. You can use the ServiceNow REST API Explorer to try out API calls before setting up this component.

The user is authenticated using:

  1. Username
  2. Password

General Configuration

  • Username (user) - [REQ] Username used to log in to ServiceNow.
  • Password (#password) - [REQ] Password associated with the username.
  • Server (server) - [REQ] ServiceNow server address. Example:
  • Threads (threads) - [OPT] Integer that specifies the number of threads used to call the ServiceNow API for a single row. Keep in mind that setting this to a high number and combining it with parallel row execution can lead to overload of the source system. This can further lead to the API returning 5** status codes, which will force the connector to use backoff strategy and lead to increased component run times. The default number of threads is 8.
  • Output Bucket (output_bucket) - [OPT] Name of the output bucket. If the bucket with the specified name does not exist, it will be created automatically.

Row Configuration

  • Table (table) - [REQ] Name of the table to be extracted
  • Sysparm Query (sysparm_query) - [OPT] Query that will be sent along with the get table request. For more information about querying please refer to the Table API documentation.
  • Sysparm Fields (sysparm_fields) - [OPT] Using this parameter you can limit fetched fields. Please use comma separation.
  • Increment (increment) - [OPT] Set this parameter to true if you want to do incremental load.

Screenshot - DynamoDB Streams Configuration

When done, save the configuration.