Google Cloud Storage

This data destination connector sends tables as CSV or other files to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.


Create a new configuration of the Google Cloud Storage data destination connector. To authorize the connector, you can either choose to use a Google service account or instant authorization.

The service account login is the recommended way of authorizing this component.

Screenshot - Authorize account

Setting Up Service Account

To create a service account, go to your Google Cloud Platform console Service Accounts page. There, click Create Service Account, provide a name to the account, e.g., keboola-cloud-storage, and click Create.

In the section Grant this service account access to project, select the role Storage Object Admin, and click Continue.

You can keep the section Grant users access to this service account blank and press the Done button. Once you see your newly created service account in the service account list, click the three dots in the actions column and select Manage Keys. Then click Add Key and select Create New Key. Select the JSON key and press Create; the key should be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Locate the JSON key file, and copy and paste the whole JSON to the Service Account Key field in the Google Cloud Storage Service Account login. Then click Save. It might take up to ten minutes for the service account scope rights to be granted to the service account.

Row Configuration

Create a new row by clicking Add Row.

Screenshot - Add row

Specify the row name and add a description, then click Add Row.

Screenshot - New row

In the row configuration, you may specify Storage tables or files to be written to the target Google Cloud Storage bucket. Then specify the bucket in Google Cloud Storage to which you want to send the tables and files. Use the checkbox to select whether you would like to append a timestamp to the file names. Finally, you can apply processors to the files before writing them to the bucket.

Screenshot - Row configuration