GoodData Reports

The GoodData Reports extractor uses the GoodData API to import reports from the GoodData business intelligence platform and stores the data in Keboola Storage.


Create a new configuration of the GoodData Reports extractor. Type in your GoodData host:,, or a custom host. Find the host by opening the report you wish to extract.

Screenshot - GoodData Host


To select which reports to download, set one or multiple Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI).

Screenshot - GoodData URI

When you open a report in your browser, the URL in the address field will look similar to this:|analysisPage|head|/gdc/md/zggxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmox/obj/71

The part in form /gdc/md/zggxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmox/obj/71 is the report URI.


Continue by providing your own GoodData credentials.

Screenshot - GoodData Credentials

You can also choose an ID of the GoodData Project provisioned in one of the existing GoodData Writer configurations and use its credentials. The project ID (PID) of the provisioned project can be found in a GoodData writer configuration.

Screenshot - GoodData Writer Config with Provisioned Project

Copy the project ID from the writer to the extractor:

Screenshot - Provisioned GoodData Project Id

When finished, remember to Save the configuration before you run the extraction. The extractor will download the report contents as a CSV file and store it as a table in Keboola Storage.