Keboola Connection Getting Started Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through basic usage of Keboola Connection (KBC).

Before you start, make sure you have basic knowledge of SQL, and access to a KBC project (preferably empty). To get set up, either ask one of our partners, or ping us on

If developing KBC components is the only reason you need a project for, apply for a development project.

Get Going

Follow these three basic steps of our tutorial to get going as quickly as possible:

Advanced Steps

If you want to try more of KBC features, follow some of the following side steps:

  • Loading data using extractors:
  • Data Manipulation: Creating and using Sandbox — create a separate database storage to run arbitrary SQL scripts on the copies of your tables without affecting data in your Storage, or your transformations.
  • Writing into GoodData — write data from KBC into GoodData Analytics.
  • Automation: Setting up Orchestrator — specify what tasks should be executed in what order, and configure their automatic execution.
  • Management — familiarize yourself with additional KBC features related to Data and User management.