Project Management

Everything you do in Keboola Connection (KBC) must take place within a KBC Project, its basic organizational unit. All projects are grouped into Organizations.

Some KBC project management features related to data and users are also covered in our tutorial.

Data Governance

Everything done in KBC is traceable, and, if possible, also recoverable.

  • Jobs — Gives you an overview of all your jobs, running and finished (what tables were modified, how much data was transferred and what events occurred during the job execution).
  • Storage Jobs — Tracks all data which were uploaded/downloaded into your project.
  • Table Snapshots — Allows reverting data to an earlier version (either reverts the contents of a table, or copies the table into another one).
  • Data Takeout — Extracts all your project data. Note that it is not the project backup. Data Takeout is especially useful for Proof-of-Concept projects, and in case you decide to leave us.

User Management

There are two types of KBC project users:

  • Standard users/Administrators — All are equal as most KBC operations generally require access to most of the data and functions. These are full-fledged trusted users that also count against your project quota.
  • Users with limited access — Can only read or write to some buckets, sending data directly to your KBC project. The access can be revoked.

Project Status

All important information on your project status can be found in the following places:

  • Overview — Quick access to the basic project status.
  • Notifications — Highly important messages (expiring projects,component migration, etc.); the channel is user specific (shows each user all notifications for all their projects).
  • Limits tab in Users & Settings — Project quotas, an overview of all your measured billable metrics, your current limits, and the monthly trend. It helps you control your usage.

Project Deletion

It is possible to entirely delete your project.

Keboola Support

There are multiple ways to obtain support from our technical staff. To solve your problem or to gain context, they may join your project when requested.