Account Management

Account management allows you to configure your own account. You can reach account settings from two places — either from the Keboola Connection home page:

Screenshot -- Account Settings

or from any project:

Screenshot -- Account Settings

At the account settings page you can:

Changing Password

To change your password, go to to your account settings and Account & Security section.

Screenshot -- Account Settings

To change your password, you need to enter the old one. Note that it is not possible to change your email address. The email address is considered as an identifier and cannot be changed, you have to create a new account.

Multi-factor Authentication

We highly recommend enabling the Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your account as it greatly increases the account security. You need to have a device with Google Authenticator App or a compatible MFA application (MFA using SMS is not supported). To enable MFA, go to Account & Security and click the Enable MFA button:

Screenshot -- Enable MFA -- Step 1

Setup the Google Authenticator App, scan the QR code with your camera and enter the obtained code:

Screenshot -- Enable MFA -- Step 2

Once you click the Activate button, the MFA will be enabled. Everytime you login with your email and password, you will be prompted to enter the MFA code obtained from your device:

Screenshot -- Login Page MFA


Notifications are annoucements sent by Keboola employees in case of important platform changes which are affecting any of your projects. These mostly include deprecation of old components and migration reminders. All of these changes are announcet in advance at the Status page. Notifications are also sent when the project limits are exceeded.

Screenshot -- Notifications

At the notifications page, you can mark notifications as read. Unread notification show as a bell with red dot in the UI.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are promotional codes you may receive to create a new project, these are typically used for ad-hoc projects, hackatons or PoCs. Promo codes are not applied to existing projects.

Screenshot -- Promo codes


At the Access Tokens page, you can create tokens for the Management API. These should not be confused with Storage API tokens which are used for operations within a project. Manage tokens are used for project-independent operations such as creating and moving projects, creating organizations and projects monitoring. This means that the manage API offers some features which are not available from the UI yet. Unless you need those features or you have other reasons to work with the Manage API, there is no need to create Manage API token.

To create a Manage API token, click the New Token button in Access Tokens section:

Screenshot -- Manage Tokens

Fill in an arbitrary token name and click the Create Token button:

Screenshot -- Create Manage Token

The token will be shown to you, be sure to note it, as there is no way to retrieve a manage token.

Screenshot -- Manage Token Created

Manage tokens always expire but we also advise you to delete any manage tokens you are not using.