This data destination connector sends tables as CSV or other files into a single Dropbox account.


Create a new configuration of the Dropbox data destination connector. Then click Authorize Account to authorize the configuration.

You may specify Storage tables or files to be written to the target Dropbox account.

  • To specify tables, click the New Table Input button, and select the table you want to send to Dropbox. Filename is the name of the destination file, the directory /data/in/tables/ is ignored.
  • To specify files, click New File Input and specify a file tag or Elastic Query string.

Screenshot - Specify input

The written files will be available in the Apps/Keboola Connection Writer V2 folder in Dropbox. You can optionally specify an additional subfolder in this folder in the Destination folder setting. In the above screenshot, the files would be saved in the folder Apps/Keboola Connection Writer V2/samples/monthly. The configuration can write as many tables and files as you wish.