Note: Initially, the Keboola platform was referred to as Keboola Connection (KBC). While it is now simply known as Keboola, references to “Connection” or the abbreviation “KBC” might still appear in table names, column names, etc.

In Keboola, customers are provided with three levels of detail for telemetry data and two ways to use the data. The first way is the Telemetry Data source connector, which is used to get the raw data for further analysis. The second way is Telemetry dashboards, which are available in Keboola projects after clicking on the profile picture in the top right corner.

Screenshot - Telemetry Dashboards

Three modes are available for data and the visual form: project mode, organization mode, and activity center mode. More details on the raw data modes can be found in these links:

For the visual part, go to Telemetry Dashboards.