The Mailchimp data source connector uses the Mailchimp API to extract data from mailing lists sent by the Mailchimp service. It downloads configured reports for all specified accounts, importing data such as list and members, campaigns, automations, reports, reports with click details, member activity, etc.

Before you start, have a working Mailchimp account filled with data and an API key.

Get API Key

To gain access to the Mailchimp API, log in to Mailchimp, go to your Account detail, and under Extras find the option to generate your API Key. It will look like this: c40xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-us13.


Create a new configuration of the Mailchimp connector.

Fill in the data center for your account, your account username and the API key: Optionally name the storage bucket where your results will be stored.

To configure what data you want to extract, select the configuration template you want to use.

Mailchimp Configuration

Available templates:

  • List and members – get lists and their members.
  • Campaigns – get campaign and their feedback.
  • Automations – get automations and the associated emails.
  • Reports – get reports and domain performance.
  • Reports with click details – get reports and domain performance with member click details.
  • List member activity – get lists, their members and activity of each individual member. This template may take some hours to complete.
  • All campaigns (all status) – get campaigns (draft, sent, scheduled, paused).

Save the configuration before you run the extraction.

You can also switch to the JSON editor.

API Limits

Each user account is permitted up to 10 simultaneous connections, and you’ll receive an error message if you reach the limit. Mailchimp does not throttle based on volume.

Note: currently there are no options to raise that limit on a per-customer basis.