Azure Event Hub

This data destination connector allows you to publish events to the Azure Event Hubs.

Mapping Mode

There are two mapping modes:

  • row_as_json mode: message is the table’s row in JSON format
  • column_value mode: message is the value of the specified column, from the table’s row


Create a new configuration of the Azure Event Hub connector.

Fill in the Connection String and Event Hub Name. Then click Save.

Screenshot - Extractor configuration

Click Add Row to add one or more configuration rows.

Screenshot - Extractor configuration

Fill in the Name, and, optionally, the Description. Then click Add Row.

Screenshot - Extractor configuration

Click New Table Input to add one table to the Input Mapping.

Screenshot - Configuration Row

Fill in the Source table. You can also fill in other fields. Then click Add Input.

Screenshot - Configuration Row

In the Configuration Row, fill in the Mapping Mode.

For the column_value mapping mode, also fill in the Message Column.

Then click Save.

Screenshot - Configuration Row