Backups and Restorations

There are two methods available for backing up and restoring data:

  1. Time travel restore – available only for the Snowflake backend
  2. Snapshots

Screenshot - Storage Backups

Time Travel Restore

Every project with a Snowflake backend has the ability to create an exact replica of a table at any point in time up to the limit set for the project. To create a replica, use the calendar to select the time from which you want to replicate your table, select which bucket to use for the newly created table, and give it a name.

Screenshot - Time Travel Restore

Table Snapshots

If you want to physically copy a table, use the Create snapshot feature. A copy of the table contents at the time of creating the snapshot will be made. It can be used immediately to make a physical copy of the table, or later, to revert the table into its previous state.

Table snapshots are useful when experimenting with extractors or transformations, or when refactoring your project: you can create a copy of your output table, experiment a little, and then compare the new output table with the original one to make sure your output remained the same. They can also be used as a workaround to renaming tables because this feature is not available yet.

Screenshot - Create Snapshot

New tables can be created from any snapshot.

Screenshot - Storage Snapshots List