Market Vision

This data source connector uses the Market Vision API to extract Market Vision projects and their corresponding Forms, Questions, Categories, and Fieldsets.

The data is extracted incrementally, so only data that has been changed since the last run is fetched. The component has backfill implemented, meaning that if not all data could be fetched in the first run due to large amounts of data, it will be fetched in the following runs.


Create a new configuration of the Market Vision connector. Then fill in the Access/API Token to authorize the configuration. The process to get the Access Token is done via an API request.

Screenshot - Api Version

Once the API Token is filled in, save the configuration and you can run the component. If you have a lot of data in Market Vision, it might take a couple of runs to extract all the data. You can see that the backfill has finished by not seeing the message “MAX RUNTIME of component has almost been reached, saving data. Rerun the component to let backfill fetch all of your data”

Data output

The data is extracted into the following tables:

Table Form Details:

  • project_form_detail_questions
  • project_form_detail_index
  • project_form_detail

Project Form Fieldsets:

  • project_form_fieldsets

Project Form Categories:

  • project_form_categories

Project Form Questions:

  • project_form_questions