Pay As You Go (Free Plan)

You can now start working with Keboola for free. Simply sign up on the website and create a free project.

Free Plan Limits

Free Plan projects have the following limits:

  • Azure North Europe: Project is located in Europe, deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud. Read more about stack here.
  • Single project: each account is limited to one project, so it is not feasible for multi-project architecture.
  • Data Catalog: sharing & grouping data using the data catalog is not available.
  • Transformations: are limited to SQL and Python.
  • DataScience: training and deploying ML models is not available.
  • Dynamic backend scaling: possibility to choose the backend size for each transformation is not available.
  • Performance: is limited to an XSmall data warehouse (DWH) (half the speed of standard projects) and doesn’t allow for Python workspace sizing.
  • Storage: is limited to 250 GB of data storage.
  • Support: while we strive to provide great support even under the Free Plan, there is no service-level agreement (SLA) and we will deal with the tickets on a best-effort basis.

DWH Backend

Users can choose between a Keboola-managed backend or their own Snowflake backend.

Pricing & Purchasing Aditional Minutes

Each Free Plan project receives 60 minutes of free runtime per month. Minutes are used for running of any process (a component job, an active Python workspace, SQL queries in Keboola-managed DWH, etc.). The only exception are orchestration jobs, which are not consuming any minutes.

Additional minutes can be purchased within the platform by using a credit card to prevent your jobs being blocked after you have used all your free minutes. There is no contract apart from the Free Plan Terms of Services.

Unused free minutes do not roll over from one month to the next. Purchased minutes do not expire during the life of the project.

To purchase additional minutes for your project:

  • On the top bar menu, select Your profile icon > Billing.
  • Select Top Up additional minutes.
  • Enter your billing and credit card details and click Pay.

After we process your payment, the extra minutes will be synced to your project.


If your credit card is declined when purchasing more minutes, possible reasons include:

  • The credit card details provided are incorrect.
  • The credit card account has insufficient funds.
  • You are using a virtual credit card and it has insufficient funds, or has expired.
  • The transaction exceeds the credit limit.
  • The transaction exceeds the credit card’s maximum transaction amount.

Free Plan Project Upgrade

Any Free Plan project can be upgraded to a standard Keboola project upon the execution of our standard order form under the Master Software Subscription Agreement (MSSA).

Project Deletion

If your project does not use any minutes for 30 days, we will mark it as inactive and scheduled for deletion. We will inform you about that, and send you several warning emails.

Next, 45 days after marking your project as inactive, we will check it one more time, to make sure that it is still inactive and that you have not requested the deletion to be canceled.

If, during those 45 days, there has been no new activity in your project and we have not received a request from you to cancel the deletion, we will then permanently delete the project.