Deepnote Notebook Execution Trigger

Deepnote is a collaborative data science notebook. This component enables you to trigger the running of a specified notebook in Deepnote. The application only triggers the execution, but does not have the capability of monitoring the execution.

Creating an API key

The API is only available to Team and Enterprise plans of Deepnote. If you have one of these plans, then generate the API key by following the steps described in the Deepnote API documentation.

Finding your Notebook and Project IDs

The Notebook and Project ID can be obtained via the URL path to the notebook, described in the endpoint documentation. The project ID is a UUID with dashes (e.g. 25fcb3b2-cf3d-4c08-9b24-4306f1518caa) and the notebook ID is a UUID without dashes (e.g. abaf726ac4c34589961a588de29cd665).

Create New Configuration

Create a new configuration of the Deepnote Notebook Execution Trigger Application. Fill in your Deepnote API key, the Notebook ID of the notebook you wish to execute and the Project ID of the project the notebook is in. Once filled in click Save to save the configuration and click Run Component to execute the trigger.

Deepnote Notebook Execution Trigger