dbt Cloud Job Trigger

The dbt Cloud Job Trigger is used for triggering dbt Cloud jobs.

Create New Configuration

Create a new configuration of the dbt Cloud Job Trigger application. Then fill in your Account ID, Job ID and API key. You also have the option to choose a custom Cause message to identify the trigger. It saves the response from triggerRun into the table dbt_cloud_trigger. If you check the Wait for result option, the component will wait for the job to finish for the maximum time set via the parameter max_wait_time after it has been triggered. Then it will store the result of getRunById into the table dbt_cloud_run. It will also store all available artifacts.

dbt Cloud Job Trigger - Configuration

  • Fill in Account ID
  • Fill in Job ID
  • Fill in API key
  • You can use the Cause field to enter the custom Cause message to be sent every time the Cloud job is triggered.
  • If you want the component to wait until the job finishes and store the results of getRunById along with all available artifacts into the artifacts storage, select the Wait for result option.
  • Select the maximum time the component waits for results using the Max wait time field.

Getting a Service Account Token

You can find out how to get a service account token in the dbt Cloud documentation.

Notes on Artifacts Usage

In order to be able to use Keboola artifacts, the project must have the artifact feature enabled. You can find more information about this in Keboola’s docs.