This data source connector uses the Papertrail Search API to import events matching the specified query from Papertrail (logs from apps, servers, and cloud services).


Create a new configuration of the Papertrail connector.

To configure the connector, you need to provide a Papertrail API token, enter a search query and select a retention period. Then select the data you wish to extract.

First, provide a Papertrail API token. You can get it in your profile.

Then enter your search query. And finally, select a desired retention period from the dropdown menu (from 1 day to 1 month).

To configure what data you want to extract, select the configuration template. The only template available at the moment is Basic. This option downloads all records matching the query within the retention period. It incrementally adds new records each run.

Screenshot - Papertrail configuration

When done, Save the configuration. You can also switch to the JSON editor.

Important: Data is always imported incrementally.