Keboola Connection User Documentation

Welcome to the Keboola Connection Manual pages. If you are working with the Keboola Connection UI as an end-user, you are at the right place.

What is Keboola Connection?

Keboola Connection is a powerful data preparation platform composed of many interconnected components, extracting data from various sources, manipulating and enriching the data, and writing the results to desired Business Intelligence tools. It is a safe, open and extendable cloud based environment for working with your data.

Where to Start

If you are new to Keboola Connection and want a brief orientation to the Keboola ecosystem, please check out our overview, or watch a short introductory video. For some hands-on experience, see our tutorial.

If you are already familiar with how Keboola Connection works, go directly to and log in. If your project is not in the default US region, use the region selector to choose the appropriate region.

We are available to provide support whenever needed. In case you don’t have access to a Keboola Connection project, you can write an email to Please use the support form inside your project as that provides us with valuable context.

More to Read

Keboola Connection Status Updates

There are two equivalent places where you can get Keboola Connection Status updates (service status and changelog):

Your Tips and Suggestions

Use the Feature Wishlist in the Settings menu or to send us your suggestions for new features or improvements.

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