Dark Sky

This data source connector allows you to look up the weather anywhere on the globe, returning hour-by-hour or day-by-day observations going back decades. Data are provided by the Dark Sky API.

To configure the connector, you need to provide tables with locations, your Dark Sky API key, units to use, and a desired forecast granularity.

API Secret Key

Before you start, please create an account in the Dark Sky API. Log in and get your API Secret key. Dark Sky offers 1,000 API calls a day for free.

Screenshot - Dark Sky API key


Create a new configuration of the Dark Sky connector.

The connector fetches weather conditions for locations provided by you in one or more tables. Each table must contain the following columns in this particular order:

  • latitude — The latitude of a location (in decimal degrees); positive is north, negative is south.
  • longitude — The longitude of a location (in decimal degrees); positive is east, negative is west.
  • date (optional) — The date in format YYYY-MM-DD. By default, the current date is used.

Column names are not important. The only condition that has to be matched is the column order. If you have a table with more columns, or the order of your columns is different, use the advanced input mapping and select the required columns in the desired order.

Screenshot - Advanced Input Mapping

Sample input table

latitude longitude
50.0939141 14.45694
49.2577142 -123.194115

You can test the extraction on this sample file.

Extraction Output

The connector produces one table called weather with the following columns:

  • primary — hash of the latitude, longitude, date and key used for incremental saving of data
  • latitude — latitude of the location
  • longitude — longitude of the location
  • date — date and time of the weather condition
  • key — name of the weather condition (e.g., temperature, windSpeed)
  • value — value of the weather condition

Data are always imported incrementally. You can find the description of all weather conditions in the Dark Sky API Documentation.