The data source for NetSuite enables users to download data from NetSuite using the SuiteAnalytics Connect Service. Leveraging the ODBC driver, this extractor provides the same capabilities as other Keboola Connection database extractors, including incremental fetching.


SuiteAnalytics Connect Service must be enabled for your account. Find more information in the official documentation.


Authorization and Credentials

First, it is necessary to set up the connection parameters in the Credentials section. The Account ID and Role ID variables correspond to your account ID and role ID. These values, along with the hostname and role, are available on the SuiteAnalytics Connect Driver Download page under Your Configuration.

You can access the SuiteAnalytics Connect Driver Download page using the Set Up Analytics Connect link in the Settings portlet when you are logged in to NetSuite. For more information, see Finding Your Settings Portlet.

Row or Table Configuration

The configuration concepts are the same as for standard SQL DB data sources.

You may select specific columns and tables to be downloaded, or switch to Advanced mode to provide a custom query. Data may be imported incrementally using the incremental fetching feature, allowing the user to retrieve only new or updated data from their NetSuite account.