Storage Extractors

Extractors import data from external sources and integrate it to the Keboola Connection (KBC) environment. The following extractors allow access to data from generic storage services:

  • Simple AWS S3 — imports CSV files from a AWS S3 bucket into a single table.
  • AWS S3 — imports CSV files from multiple AWS S3 buckets into multiple tables with additional postprocessing.
  • GoogleDrive — imports data from external data sheets (also part of the Tutorial).
  • FTP — imports CSV files from the FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers.
  • HTTP — imports CSV files stored on HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Keboola Connection Storage — loads single or multiple tables from a Keboola Connection project and stores them in a bucket in your current project; can be used where Share Buckets cannot.
  • and others