Using Sandbox

An important part of setting up a transformation is the SQL (or R or Python) script itself. To make writing of these scripts easier for you, we provide the Sandbox functionality.

As a separate database storage, Sandbox allows you to run arbitrary SQL scripts on the copies of your tables without affecting data in your Storage, or your transformations. Learn more about Sandbox here.

Let’s create a Sandbox from the Transformations page by clicking the New Sandbox link:

Screenshot - Transformations Console

You will be given credentials to your sandbox along with an option to what should be loaded. Use the default Prepare Transformation option, and click Create Sandbox. The data will be loaded to your sandbox in the background.

Screenshot - Create Sandbox

The sandbox credentials do not change. Clicking on the Create Sandbox button later will give you the same sandbox. Copy the database credentials into your favorite SQL client, or, if you want to start right away, use the Connect button to connect to the database using a web client.

Screenshot - Sandbox

Your sandbox might be deleted after 14 days of inactivity; make sure not to use it as a permanent data storage!

When happy with the outcomes of your SQL queries, go back to transformations and paste the queries into the transformation script.