Applications are without any doubt more powerful than Transformations. They further enrich your data, and add value to it in new ways. At the same time, they are more difficult to create.

As predefined blocks with set functionality, which can be customized or parametrized to some extent, they can perform really advanced tasks such as sentiment analysis, association discovery, or histogram grouping. They can also enhance data by calling on 3rd party services to bring in additional data such as Weather or Exchange Rates.

All applications are implemented as extensions and as such can be completely created by 3rd party developers. You can even create your own application. Applications can be created either for a particular end-user, or they may be offered to all KBC customers; in that case they have to be registered in KBC App Store.

Applications may

  • vary in terms and conditions
  • be billed extra; some are for free
  • send your data to 3rd party services outside of KBC
  • extract data from outside sources
  • be created by you, Keboola, or third parties
  • have support provided by their author

The following screenshot shows some of many KBC applications (created by both, Keboola and 3rd parties):

Keboola and 3rd parties Applications in KBC

If you want to learn more about Applications or are interested in creating one, go to our Developer Documentation.

If you want to see a short demo on using a 3rd party app in KBC (analyzing text data), click here. The video shows how to quickly extract text data from Twitter’s API, process the data through Geneea’s natural language processing algorithm and visualise the results in Tableau.