This extractor uses the Pipedrive API to import data from Pipedrive.

Create New Configuration

Find Pipedrive in the list of extractors and create a new configuration. Name it.

Screenshot - New configuration

Provide API Token

To configure this extractor, you need to provide an API token. You can get it by clicking the Get API Token link. Then enter your company domain.

Screenshot - API token

Select Data

To configure what data you want to extract, you can either select one of the configuration templates, or switch to the JSON editor for advanced extractions.

Screenshot - Template

The only template available at the moment is Basic. This option downloads organizations, persons, users, pipelines, activities, stages, etc.

When done, save the configuration and run it.

Advanced Mode

For more features, switch the configuration to the Power User Mode by clicking the Switch to JSON editor link. JSON configuration uses the Generic extractor format.

Screenshot - Advanced mode

If you select the template and want to specify more details using the advanced mode, don’t forget to click Save first. The code will be pre-filled based on that particular template.

Screenshot - Pre-filled JSON

When finished, save the configuration again and then run the extraction.

Important: Data are always imported incrementally.