Gmail Messages

The Gmail Messages extractor allows you to fetch data from your Gmail account.

Create New Configuration

Find Gmail Messages in the Extractors section, create a new configuration and name it.

Gmail - add configuration

Then click Authorize Account to be redirected to Google, and authorize the extractor to access your Google account. Your inbox is accessed as read only.

Gmail - authorize account

Configure Queries

Fill in the form to fit your needs.

Gmail - configure queries

  • Query – Query to filter your messages. To speed up the extraction, be as specific as possible. For more detailed information about querying, follow Google’s Advanced search help site.
  • Headers (optional) – Headers you want to download. If no headers are specified, all headers will be downloaded.

Save the configuration and run the extractor. For information on the extraction process, go to the Jobs section.

Produced Tables

Data are always imported incrementally. The extractor produces several tables that can be joined together.


Queries and their messages; it is good to know which query a message came from.

query messageId 9876cbd54bd215a6 1234abcd2ffdc1d6


A base table of messages:

id threadId
9876cbd54bd215a6 1234abcd2ffdc1d6
1234abcd2ffdc1d6 1234abcd2ffdc1d6

Tip: You can group your messages to conversations with GROUP BY threadId.


All downloaded headers:

messageId name value
1234abcd2ffdc1d6 From News <>
1234abcd2ffdc1d6 Subject Trending News


All downloaded message parts:

messageId partId mimeType bodySize bodyData
1234abcd2ffdc1d6 0 text/plain 26 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
1234abcd2ffdc1d6 1 text/html 33 <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>

Note: Only parts with text/plain and text/html mime types are downloaded.