Scaffolds are pre-defined sets of component configurations. The individual configurations are connected by an Orchestration and Metadata. Together they form a functional reusable block solving a specific problem.

Keboola Connection is a very open platform, which may be overwhelming in many cases. The ambition of scaffolds is to ease the configuration of repeated (or repeatable) solutions. Although they are pre-defined sets of configurations, the created configurations have no special properties and can be modified like any other configuration you have created manually.

Using a Scaffold

To use a scaffold, go the Components – Scaffolds section. Search for a scaffold that interests you, and click it to see more details:

Screenshot - Scaffolds Intro

On the scaffold detail page you can see a detailed description and a list of all components the scaffold will use. Apply the scaffold by clicking the Use this button:

Screenshot - Scaffolds Detail

A list of configurations that will be created is shown. Some configurations require that you enter parameters for them – in this case the Salesforce MRR configuration:

Screenshot - Configure Scaffold

Enter the required parameters and Save them:

Screenshot - Configure Salesforce

When a component is properly configured, a green check mark badge is shown next to it. When all components are properly configured, you can Use scaffold:

Screenshot - Use Scaffold

When the creation is complete, you’ll see the configured scaffold. From here, you can go to each of the created configurations, including the orchestration. Run the orchestration to see the scaffold in action.

Screenshot - Use Scaffold

Creating a Scaffold

Creating your own scaffolds is not yet generally available. If you are interested, please contact our support desk.