The OpenAI application enables you to query the OpenAI Text Completion service with data from your Keboola Connection project.

Create New Configuration

Create a new configuration of the OpenAI application.

  • Get your API key from the OpenAI platform settings. Then fill in your API key in the *API Key field in the Data Source Configuration window.
  • Click the Add Row button and select a name for the row configuration. This name will be used for identification purposes only.

OpenAI Extractor Configuration - 1

  • Select which type of model you want to use, either predefined or custom.
  • To get a list of available models, use the Re-Load Available Models button. Then, select the desired model in the Model field.
  • You can use the default model options or customize them in the Model Options window.

OpenAI Extractor Configuration - 2

  • The Prompt field is used for the purpose of defining the prompt and data input pattern. Refer to the input column using a placeholder [[INPUT_COLUMN]]. The input table must contain the referenced column.
  • In the Destination window you can select your desired Storage table name and, optionally, incremental load. If you define primary keys, the rows in the destination table will be updated. If not, new rows will be appended.

OpenAI Extractor Configuration - 3